Optimal Calf health
starts in the first hour.

Don’t let bacteria growth cripple her immunity and health!

Optimal Calf health
starts in the first hour.

Don’t let bacteria growth cripple her immunity and health!

Dam Fresh gives you peace of mind that your calves are getting the nutrients essential for immunity and health–from the first hour until weaning.

Bacteria infests and grows at every stage of handling

Bacteria doubles every 20 minutes

You store colostrum and calf milk properly, but bacteria are always present.
Refrigeration slows growth but doesn’t stop it
Pasteurization may not kill all bacteria and re-contamination is possible
Freezing preserves the IgG but doesn’t kill bacteria

Regardless of your handling protocols, adding Dam Fresh immediately after collection protects your colostrum and milk until long after the calf consumes it.

Dam Fresh is proven to prevent bacterial growth of E. coli, Salmonella, Listeria, S. aureus for up to 96 hours, even up to 95°F.

Protects the antibodies and milk solids
Delivers more of those good components to calves
Helps ensure immune transfer, better health, and faster growth

Dam Fresh protects immunity factors and proteins

With Dam Fresh, you can be confident the IgG’s in your colostrum are not being harmed, ensuring strong immunity transfer to your calves.

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2) Eurofins Microbiology Laboratories, Inc., Lancaster, Pa. Antimicrobial Control of Potential Pathogens in Raw Milk Samples. 10 Feb. 2016

Our experience since starting with DamFresh at Goldman dairy is that the use of DamFresh in the colostrum seems to bring about an enhanced transfer and absorption of IgG such that the calves experience an elevated level of passive immunity. The benefit of DamFresh is seen not only in new born calves but also weeks and months into their early life with better rates of gain and a decrease in the use of medicines.”
– Nathan Goldman, Coolidge, AZ

Safe and Easy to Use

Dam Fresh™ is simple to use. Add Dam Fresh immediately after colostrum or milk collection. The mixture can be:


You’ll have peace of mind knowing that Dam Fresh is:
Safe with no handling requirements
FDA GRAS (generally recognized as safe)
Non-toxic to calves and people

• 1 oz./gal. colostrum
• 0.5 oz./gal calf milk

Incorporate Dam Fresh into your existing protocols to guarantee that your milk is Dam Fresh!

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